the determined one

(Poem by Valerie Elliot)

I became who they said I was.

I became who they said I was not.

I became who I was expected to be,

but in all honesty, I still have not become ME.


I did all I was told I could do.

Even things I was not supposed to, I did those too!

I have done quite a lot in my time here on earth,

but I am not yet truly walking in the purpose of my birth


I have invested so much of my time in others.

I have helped so passionately, that I even became a bother.

I was trying to express who I really am and show what I could do,

but somehow, on my own, I have not yet been able to.


I have stepped out in many things, here and there.

I can see what is possible and I have so much to share.

I have the determination and courage, but need support and clarity.

I have begun the journey, but now would you help me?

©2018 Valerie Elliot



Affirmations Personal Development

Personal Development From A Christian perspective. 

Informative, Reflective, Constructive and Interactive Topical Sessions.

Each session will involve:

  • Teaching
  • Reflection
  • Individual and Group Activities
  • Prayer

INVEST IN YOURSELF. Embrace Truth. Live Fully!



This coaching series will help you fully embrace who God created you to be!

The aim of this series is to take you back to your godly foundations. The focus is to help you to locate yourself in this journey of life, discover our identity in the mirror of God’s word, know the resources available to you, and know how to use them strategically and effectively, in line with our purpose and callings in life.

"Your WHAT is not your worth, your WHO is your worth." - Valerie Elliot

Know Who you are!

*All sessions must be attended for the full benefit of each series.*

Spaces are usually limited to 10 people per group.

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