Okay, here I go…. taking another bold step in my lane. Sharing my adventure with you and hopefully drawing you into yours.

I believe that we are all blessed with our own personal path. A special way our lives unfold; be it by divine orchestration, circumstances or choices we make. The beauty of it all is the power of choice we have as our steering wheel. One choice can have a remarkable impact on the rest of the journey.

The first and most important choice is deciding to begin. To start. To take the risk. To step out. To join in. It all starts with beginning.

I have had many beginnings and continue to. This is my first blog post, another exciting beginning for me! Beginning something is very powerful and could be scary at the same time. There is so much to begin, so much to step into and so much to explore; if we are willing to take the risk of leaving our comfort zones.

What if it fails? What if it does not work out exactly as planned or expected? But then, what if it all comes together beautifully? What if I succeed? What if the success if greater than I could ever wish for? What if…? What if…?

It is amazing how those two short words have so much power… the power of a red traffic light….STOP! GO NO FURTHER!

No! I will not stop at the next “what if?”! So what if I fail? I live to try another day. So what if it does not work out as expected? Maybe my expectations were wrong and it was meant to work out this way to steer me in the real direction I am supposed to go.

So what if it all comes together beautifully? It is a good thing. I would finally have kicked fear and failure out of my life in that area.

So what if I succeed, and it is so much greater than I could ever wish for? I will learn how to handle it with integrity.

What if I really become ME? The beautiful, powerful, fruitful creation of God that I am. What if? Hmm…

Yes! What if I become ME….all that I am meant to be? A reflection of God’s heart to creation. 

What if I learn to love like God? What if I shine so bright…the light that I am, revealing Christ in and through me?

What if I actually believe that I am who God says I am? What if I focus more on embracing truth, than rejecting lies? It is actually the same thing, but from a more positive stance.

What if I become ME? Who else am I then, if I am not really ME?

So many questions. So much to consider…or not consider.

I hope you get inspired to begin or continue passionately in your lane, as I carry on faithfully in mine!

See you on the journey!