Lingering Thoughts


Lingering thoughts about the “What ifs” have stirred me up to an action plan. It is time to embrace my lane and enjoy my journey like never before!

Each of us has a lane. We all have destinations of success and fulfilment in our lanes. To never experience this truth, is too big a risk to take. It is definitely worth the risk to begin and see how it all unfolds.

It is not a competition. Your lane is YOUR lane! No one can walk or ride it for you. You are the only one that gets to cross the finishing lines and set new records. Yes! There are many finishing lines along the way. Finishing lines that open up exciting new beginnings!

Have you begun your journey of commitment to being all that you can be?

Have you taken the first step yet?

Have you slowed down or stopped when you were to speed up?

Have you broken down along the way and given up?

Have you been waiting for roadside assistance for a long time?

Are you too afraid to switch your “what ifs“ to “why nots”?

Here is the action plan to help us on our way. Actually, the rules for this process, make up the action plan for the journey. Quite simple!

  1. Begin. (Take a step)
  2. Stay in your lane.
  3. Maintain the right speed, always! (Let’s call this your “personal pace”.)
  4. Be considerate of others.
  5. Keep looking ahead
  6. Keep moving forward. 

We will explore them all in more detail as we journey on.

Are you up for this? Come on! It’s a new year, a clear chance for another beginning. I would like to see you getting on in your lane, as I carry on in mine. We can do this!

Carrying on in my lane and cheering you on in yours!