I Went In There Today!

Oh, no! Dust!

Well not literally…but metaphorically speaking.

I reached up on the top shelf of my heart today. That place where I safely store my unfinished projects, my potentially successful ideas, my good intentions, my “not for now” dreams and my “don’t know where to start” desires.

I believe there is a time for everything, but NOW is always a good time for something. So, now is a good time for me to dust off this shelf and see what I have here!

We all have special safe spaces in our hearts, homes, offices or storage facilities, for those things we intend to get back to. We need to be careful that these spaces are very visible and easily reachable, so that they are not forgotten. Have you ever kept something so safe that you are still wondering where it is? It happens.

It is easy to procrastinate the things that we think do not affect anyone else. The reality is that someone somewhere needs what we have. Someone is waiting for the chance to partner with us. Someone else’s dream is parked, waiting for ours to drive by and inspire them to carry on. Someone else’s next move is hanging on the strength of our passion.

Why is it on there, anyway? Is it an instruction from God that feels too overwhelming to begin, or continue? Is it something you always wanted to do, but no longer have a passion for? Is it something that you currently lack resources for? Is it something you too are scared to share with others, for fear of being laughed at? Do you believe in the idea more than you believe in yourself to accomplish it? Is it just not yet time for it? Are you too proud to ask for help? These are just a few questions to ponder. It is time to be very honest with ourselves. Why is it still there? There is a process for everything and we must remember that this is the “waiting”, “pause” or “rest” part of the process, for those things. 

There will always be something to put on the shelf. So, we need to make sure there is always room for something new, by taking something off and getting it done. It is important to carefully consider what goes on this shelf. This would give the shelf more value and cause us to get more things done. Those things that don’t qualify to be there.

To keep this shelf dust free, we need to visit it often. We need to keep our dreams visible and reachable. We must keep them shielded from contamination by wrapping them in hope, sealing them in faith and covering them in prayer.

What could you take off that shelf today? Don’t leave it too long! Make that call. Send that text. Read that book. Make that appointment. Book that trip. Mend that relationship. Get on with something today! Some of these things have a short shelf life and could be irreplaceable… and very painful to lose.

Mine is a shelf in my heart, yours might be a box in your garage. Dust it off and you will be amazed what you find. I am very glad I went in there today! It has been a very pleasant, yet challenging experience for me.

Keeping it real in my lane, whilst cheering you on in yours!