I remember when my first niece was born twelve years ago, I was right there! I held this beautiful baby girl who looked so much like her mother. Seriously! Birthmark and all.

Who is this, though? My niece, yes, but who are you, little one? How are you going to impact this world? What plans have you come to fulfil? I am looking forward to watching your life unfold.

She is so blessed! My lovely Khandi, soon to be a teenager!

This is how it all begins, you know. The unfolding of our individual stories. We are born. Our bodies and minds develop. Our parents / carers experience our “firsts” with excitement. First smile. First laugh. First tooth. First bite (not usually expected)! First word. First steps…

“Did you see that?” “Did you hear that?” “Do it again!” are the joyful squeals that come from the people around us. Watching. Expecting. Prompting.

In our young minds, we say the same things. “Did you see that?” “Did you hear that?” “What just happened?” “Can I do that again?… I did it!”  We keep trying new things. Exploring life and discovering our potential, one first after another.

There is a most important beginning of all, though. One that sets us on course with God’s own plans for our lives. A course that unfolds a beautiful story of love, mercy, power, purpose and fulfilment. Reconnecting with our creator is the most important decision we would ever make, because everything else about our lives should flow out of that relationship.

The bible reveals our creation and very first beginning. Genesis 1:26-30 reveals God’s thoughts and plans for us as beings. Genesis 2 and 3 will make good reading for how our body was formed, how we related to God and how we got disconnected. Thank God for His perfect restoration plan! 

Our process of restoration is quite a similar one…

We get born. Yes, born again! Our spirits need to be reborn and only God can birth that by His Spirit. Talk to God about this, if you have not experienced this yet.

Shouts of joy always follow this birth too! This time from angels and fellow believers. A celebration in heaven, all about you! A new creation, now in the path God designed for you. Straight and narrow, yes, but all yours in Him.

We must take steps of faith to explore this new life and discover our potential as this new creation, in Christ. We need to make the most of our re-established direct connection with God, for fellowship and revelation of His word. Also, to learn more about God, our true nature, abilities and the resources available to us.

Our heavenly Father is proudly cheering us on, all the way! The saints in heaven are cheering us on. The angels are cheering us on and always in position to move at God’s word concerning us. They are also ever-ready to partner with us to accomplish God’s will.

Our Lord Jesus is saying, “For this reason I came, I died and triumphed over death. Here are the keys that were stolen from you. You are well equipped to do this! You can do all things through me!”

Holy Spirit is cheering loudly, saying “You are never alone! I am with you always. You can do this! We can do this together! Just stay close, keep watching and listening for guidance. You are already victorious!”

You see, it does not matter how old we are in the Lord. We will always have all the heavenly support and kingdom resources we need to be who we were created to be.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s BE!

Feeling encouraged in my lane and cheering you on in yours!