ALL, the song.

“That's exactly what I was thinking!”

“You took the words right out of my mouth!”

“I couldn't have said it any better!”

“You read my mind!”

These are a few exclamatory remarks we have all heard or said at some point or another. It is quite interesting how someone else’s words could express our thoughts and feelings so accurately.

I think it is because we are all not as different as we would like to believe. Especially as Christians, when it comes to expressing worship to God. Worship is our response to the reality of who God is, and though we may express it very differently, the sentiments are often the same.

A couple of years ago I wrote a song that has struck a chord with many others, and I am grateful that I decided to share it. Those who have known me for years would probably be surprised that I sing and write songs. My songs have always been very personal to me, so you can imagine how challenged I felt when a couple of years ago, the Lord instructed me to share a particular song of mine! Anyway, I braved it. I did it! I shared a very private moment with the Lord, In a very public setting.

The song titled ALL, was birthed in a personal moment of reflection on the goodness of God. It is a song that expresses heartfelt gratitude and total surrender to the Lord. A spontaneous heart’s cry of worship, in response to all that He is: The good and faithful Father, The only steady Friend, The mighty Redeemer, The powerful Healer, The great Comforter and so much more!

Whenever I have struggled to find the right song to express my heart to the Lord, Holy Spirit would prompt me to simply sing mine. That is how most of my songs were birthed. From a strong desire to express my heart to God, to a stirring deep within and then bursting forth with words and melody, from my heart to His.


I have since embraced sharing my songs and often do so when leading worship. Also, in response to requests for this particular song, by individuals, musicians and worship leaders, I have released it as a worship resource. I collaborated with the beautiful, anointed and very gifted musician and composer, Hannah Ledwidge (, to produce the score chart and audio for musicians and singers.

A few people have done a cover of this song, and I feel very honoured to have shared such a simple song that is resonating so deeply in the hearts of others. Look out for their videos over the coming months, using #AllMyExpression. For now, listen to these two…

Worship Leader, Jeph Levi’s expression -

15 years old, Bibiana Obahor’s expression -


♪♪ You did it just for me

You did it to set me free

So, here’s my all

Here’s my all

Here’s my all

Here’s my all


All of my days

All of my ways

All of my treasures

And all the praise


All of my worship

All my heart sings

All adoration to You, my King

Here's everything! ♪♪


Do the words of this song resonate in your heart? Could it be your expression of worship too?

Share your worship expression of this song. Use #AllMyExpression and email me a link - I would love to hear yours too!

Download the score chart and audio here... 

Let’s take courage and step out of our boxes! There is so much more in the NEW! What is your NEW? Go on, share! Leave a comment below about your NEW and the process involved. :)

Embracing new things and living more fearlessly in my lane, whilst cheering you on in yours!


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