Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe that it is already "Next Year"?! Yes, “Next Year” is here! The highly expected and long awaited 2018 is here!

A lot of us talk about tomorrows, or weeks, months and years to come. We look forward to all that is to come. So, yes! “Next year” is finally here! Remember, a New year is the Next year of yesterdays gone by.

What now? "What Next?" This is the big question. This is the life question for most people at this time. What Next?!...

Although, Next is not the same as New, it is just as important. New presents something for the first time, while Next presents what comes after what was once new; as a part of it’s progressive order. That being said, Next is not always New and New is not always the Next thing. Next would usually have a point of reference to what was before, and this can be observed as it unfolds sequentially. As different as these two words are, Next and New often go together.

We cannot live without a Next or a New in our lives. These two words help to keep us going. The Next meal, the Next sleep, the Next breath, the Next adventure, New opportunities, New relationships, New discoveries, New concepts and ideas…

Thoughts and dreams of what is to come, what is possible and what is achievable, keep us actively alive! They keep us fired up for more, keep us reaching and believing for those things that are alive in our hearts but not yet a physical reality.

So, what is next for you now that yesterday's tomorrow is here? Whatever your Next is, make sure it is: Clearly defined, Alive in your heart, It is for your good and the good of others and It is leading to an even greater Next or New. Most of all, make sure it is YOURS! You do not have time to live another person's dream, and you were not created to do so either!

NEXT NEW 2.jpeg

What is Next for me, you ask? Well, I am looking forward to all that the Lord has for me, that only He can help me bring into reality. I am looking forward to stepping into New exciting opportunities, I am looking forward to experiencing God open doors that no man can boast of or shut. I am leaning in to receive Ideas that come straight out of His heart. I am positioning my heart for times of life transforming encounters with my Heavenly Father. I am looking forward to growing further in character, boldness and confidence in every area of my life. I am looking forward to fully expressing who I am and reflecting the Lord's original plan for my existence. I am positioned for so much more!

What is my first Next? Well, to me, it is a perpetual Next. Abiding in the Lord’s presence, steadily receiving from Him and being with Him as one, in truth. Steadily abiding, steadily receiving and steadily expressing His heart as I do life daily. Writing this blog was one of my Nexts :)

What is your Next? What is your New? I hope that you get a good understanding of the power of aligning with your timely “Nexts” and your timely “News”, so that you can experience the full life that God has for you. Don’t forget that your life is connected to others, so being who you were created to be has an impact in the earth!

Be fully you, as God intended! Embrace every Next and New He has for you, Position your heart to grow in love and character so that those who experience the impact of your life are blessed by it. ABIDE, RECEIVE AND RELEASE! Have a truly blessed year!

Reflecting and encouraging myself in my lane, as I stir you up in yours!